EDUCATE! SHARES THEIR STRATEGY FOR ENSURING AFRICA’S GREATEST RESOURCE, IT’S YOUTH, SUCCEED. Today, 6 out of 10 Africans are under the age of 25. Before 2050, that population of young people is expected to nearly double. By the end of the century, 50% of the world’s children will be African.  Unfortunately, there are critical barriers preventing Africa’s youth from realizing their potential and succeeding in life post-graduation. There is a sharp divide between the skills youth actually need to get a job and improve their livelihoods, and what they are learning in school, referred to as the skills gap. Read More

NATIONAL YOUTH AWARENESS FORUM (NYAF) EXPANDS TEACHER TRAINING IN SIERRA LEONE — Local NGO, NYAF, has expanded their teacher training program to include 25 additional teachers from government schools in the Moyamba District of Sierra Leone.  Teachers are offered three-year HTC distance education scholarships, in addition to supplemental in-service training and coaching by NYAF staff members.  For more information on NYAF or how to support their teachers, contact The Rockdale Foundation.




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